Blockstack Whitepaper Annotation

When the whitepaper is just TOO good 😍.

(Furious highlighting and note-taking courtesy of @josephbender)

Tune in to the live Proof of Transfer whitepaper reading with @muneeb on 07/17 at 6:00pm UTC / 2:00pm EST:

— stacks.btc (@Stacks) July 16, 2020

Consensus 2022 Booth Interview with Hiro CEO Alex Miller

What's got YOU excited about @Stacks?@alexlmiller asked @JosephBender what he's been hearing from devs at #Consensus2022, and Joe was more than happy to give him the lowdown📺

— Hiro Systems (@hirosystems) June 11, 2022

Joe Bender Highlights Tweetstorm - Messari Mainnet 2022

1/5 We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Hiro wouldn’t be Hiro without @JosephBender.

He’s our Community Manager, and boy, does our community adore Joe.

— Hiro Systems (@hirosystems) September 23, 2022

Cryptopunk Maximalism Tweetstorm

In honor of the @ChristiesInc auction announcement yesterday, I think it’s time I officially declare my #cryptopunks maximalism.

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) April 9, 2021

Bitcoin Unleashed 2022 Roundup

That’s a wrap for #BitcoinUnleashed!🌴

Waited 2 years for an irl @Stacks Summit, and Miami did not disappoint. Had maybe too much fun MC’ing the Dev Stage, and watching the @hirosystems community string wall & whiteboard fill up.

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) April 6, 2022

Old Town Road (Stacks Remix) to kickoff Consensus 2022 presentation

Thanks to everyone who came out to our #ATX @Stacks chapter workshop! It excited us to see just how much you wanted to learn about @clarity_lang, hyperchains and our latest tools.@JosephBender was SO excited, in fact, that he had to leave you with this catchy tune🎵

— Hiro Systems (@hirosystems) June 9, 2022

Matalympics Cryptovoxels Race

VOLUME UP for @ParadoxxArtist's latest 🔥🔥🔥 🔊 EPIC kickoff to the @blockstack race by @JosephBender 🧙‍♂️during last week's @metalympics.

Comes complete w/ everyone running backwards (sorry @Ezincr) + @skeenee_art shaking his butt on the finishline lmao@lendroidproject next🤘

— Rizzle (@NFTland) November 17, 2020

Metalympics Wizard Hat NFT

This week's @metalympics selfie challenge: Find @JosephBender and take a selfie. It was pretty hard because he was running away lol.

— Pixls (@pixls_dot_eth) November 12, 2020

Joe @ Messari Mainnet 2021

If you want to chat @Stacks at #Mainnet2021, be sure to track down @muneeb or Developer Advocate @JosephBender!

Fair warning: He’s extremely hype for DeFi on #Bitcoin and will probably talk your ear off.

— Hiro Systems (@hirosystems) September 20, 2021

Cryptopunk Brunch @ EthDenver 2022

From digital to physical! The CryptoPunks unite during @EthereumDenver 💫

Thank you @larvalabs for all you’ve done to foster such an incredible community of humans

Which wore it better?

— Tegan Kline (@theklineventure) February 20, 2022


Get your #Bitcoin NFTs, here! @JosephBender and @agraebe from Hiro’s Dev Growth team are hot on the #NFTNYC2021 scene. Look for the @Stacks shirts to grab a QR code for a free, commemorative NFT.

— Hiro Systems (@hirosystems) November 2, 2021

Joe @ Mojitoverse hosted by Sotheby's

Some of the ConsenSys family and alumni @JosephBender Evin McMullen @avieli @bradfein

— 🍹mojito🍹 (@mojito_nft) November 9, 2021

Joe @ Bitcoin 2021 Booth

We hope you love these Bitcoin Miami (@TheBitcoinConf) pics as much as we do.

Here we have @JosephBender at the Stacks booth - he clearly couldn't get enough of the logo!

Missing it already? Remind yourself of all the ways Stacks was involved:

— stacksfoundation.btc (@StacksOrg) June 11, 2021

Video Message to Zubi India Developer Community

Hi folks, We are coming with an insightful session on "Building DApps with Blockstack" by @JosephBender (Developer Evangelist, @blockstack)
Join us on -
10th August 2020 | 5:30 PM (IST)
Register Now -

— (@zubi_io) August 7, 2020

Cryptopunk Artwork displayed on retro Nintendo DS console

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) May 27, 2021

Receiving the "Scribe" award for notetaking at the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians at Devcon in Prague

Receiving the Scribe award at the @EthMagicians Council of Prague at @EFDevcon from @owocki! Translating @androolloyd’s high-octane brainstorming on the @1337alliance wasn’t easy!

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) December 28, 2018

Gitcoin Plinko @ EthDenver 2019

The Price is always Right when you play @GetGitcoin Plinko

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) February 25, 2019

Cryptopunk Artwork displayed in Pixel Portraits Cryptovoxels metaverse museum

Punk#3886 is alive in the metaverse!

Honored to be placed next to @punk4156 at the @thepxlportraits Gallery in @cryptovoxels.

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) May 14, 2021

Commissioned Pixel Portrait of Digital Activist Aaron Swartz

Happy Birthday, Aaron.

I fell in love with the internet as a teen because of niche @Reddit communities, and AS is one of the reasons I'm passionate about decentralized networks.

I'd like to think he would be hype on NFTs, so I commissioned this @thepxlportraits in his honor.

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) November 8, 2021

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians @ Edcon 2018 in Toronto, Canada

Just landed in Toronto for EdCon! Fortunate enough to kick off the week listening to really smart people discuss #Ethereum governance.

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) May 2, 2018

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance meetup in NYC, October 2017

@VanessaGrellet_ of @ConsenSys kicks off the @EntEthAlliance NYC meetup! Looking forward to the @uport_me demo. #ethereum

— Joe Bender (@JosephBender) October 20, 2017